Marine Garden turns aquaculture sustainable to feed the next billion

Today’s aquaculture pollutes eco-systems and fails to deliver at a sustainable scale.

Marine Garden’s 100x capital efficient and environmentally sustainable natural habitat seabed aquaculture serves quality as made by nature.

Impact & Business

Impact is our business model.
Business is our impact model.

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Marine Garden operates production for Asian market for The Philippines. It now looks to scale production and to adapt its technology for European operation and exports.

Market is proven: We serve a $400m market via Shanghai and Hong Kong. We now look to develop market access in Europe.  

Technology is proven: Our technology is adapted to mimic natural habitat of selected species and piloted to optimise quality at production location.   

Next Stage is to scale operation and open new production facilities in Europe adapted to bottom feeder species and export market desires.

A dedicated and proven management team will take Marine Garden to exitSupported by a complementary team of Board of Directors encompassing key strategic success criteria for Marine Garden development and growth. Advised by Directors from main shareholder and venture builder Moonwalk, expertise normally not accessible to early stage growth companies.

Only Epic People can Do Epic Things


Executive Chairman · Founder

Kenneth Winther

Operations Director

Per-Ivar Stokkmo

Technology Development

Kirill Izmikov


Dr Karl Klingsheim

Operations Philippines

Danilo Taneo

Marketing & Sales

Toshihiro Kanamaki

Our Partners

Marine Garden billion people impact ambition is only realistic when teaming up with the best in their category. We extend our gratitude to these partners that make this journey possible.

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Marine Garden is growing

Marine Garden seeks work capital to deliver more products to meet market demand and now partners with investors that share our passion for impact and returns.

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Marine Garden turns aquaculture sustainable with its local habitat seabed aquaculture farms. Secure from winds and waves and parasites. Scalable to feed the next billion.

Marine Garden is a Moonwalk Impact Company.


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